Email Marketing

Email marketing creates opportunities to expand your sales and grow your business by emailing them directly to a group of people. It’s great for targeted sales or just boosting your brand awareness.

Whether you use your own databases, a bought list or Vibe’s own data, we can help you create successful, targeted marketing campaigns that grab your customers’ attention. Vibe’s dedicated team have over eight years experience of designing effective and persuasive email marketing that can work wonders for your sales targets.

One of the major concerns in an email marketing campaign is “SPAMING” At Vibe Marketing we have a solid database of REAL people across many industries. We have maintained this database for many years and it is updated every 30 days. So, there is no need to worry about spaming. A targeted email campaign can

Our Email Marketing specialists will spend time with you to understand your products and services and identify your USPs. We’ll then design you a visually engaging, user friendly email that engages your potential customer.

Once your email campaign is sent, we will track it by seeing how many people click on your website. Those details will be provided to you, so your sales team can call all the potential customers who showed interest by visiting your website. Or you could engage our own team of specialist Telemarketers to do it for you.

Regular targeted email campaigns can be very effective keeping your products and services visible to your customers. You could even use it as a way of educating your potential client base. Talk to us today to see how Email Marketing can be an effective part of your marketing mix.