Mobile Applications Features

We can cater for all mobile app requirements and budget. Below is a list of some of the features you may need in your Mobile App.
Our Mobile App experts will listen to your ideas and help you design the most effective, user friendly and engaging app for your budget.

GPS Directions

Customers can find out their GPS location and the directions which show them where your premises are.

One Touch Calling

With sharing capabilities via email and various social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, your company can have a strong viral presence.

Tell-A-Friend Feature

Displaying any information about your business such as its address and any achievements.

Business Information

An app can be created by highlighting the places which you would like to be reminded of and have them placed on a map.

Points of Interest

An app can be created by highlighting the places which you would like to be reminded of and have them placed on a map.

Event Listing

If you want to tell customers about the many events which your business is running, the Event Listing app enables them to do so.

Contact Information

Allowing customers to know of the many ways in which your business can be contacted such as its email address, phone number and the directions to your head office.

Email Photo

If customers want to take a photo on their smartphone or upload one which has already been taken, they can via this app.

Corporate Image Gallery

Displaying all images in one place which are pertinent to your company.


When customers want to leave messages for your business, they can be left on a Fan Wall and you can filter them accordingly.

Push Notifications

If messages should be sent to all customers, this is possible through the content management system which is easy-to-navigate.

GPS Coupons Feature

Coupons can be created which can be unlocked when customers log on to your homepage.

Flexible Counter Feature

Any items which are pertinent to your business can be counted by your customers and can then be emailed.

Mailing List Feature

Encourages customers to provide their name and email address by offering bonuses which are available to those who sign up.

Tip Caculator Feature

Customers can calculate the amount of money which should be given as a tip.

QR Coupons Feature

By scanning a QR code, customers can be sent coupons which can be redeemed from your business.

Mortgage Calculator

An ideal app for estate agents, it works out the exact amount of money which has to be paid for a mortgage because the rate of interest can be set.

Blog Integration

The blog posts which your company creates can be integrated into your RSS feed so that they can be viewed quickly.

Facebook Integration

A business’s Facebook page can be integrated with the other social media pages which customers have.

Twitter Integration

The Twitter app which your business has can be connected to your customer’s social media pages.

LinkedIn Integration

A business’s LinkedIn page can be connected to other social media pages so that they canbe viewed on there too.


The page which your business has on the popular social media site MySpace can be connected to other social media pages which your customers have.

MyEmma Integration

The contacts which are gathered from this app can be used for the purpose of an email marketing campaign.

Campaign Monitor Int.

As all contacts can be amassed onto this mobile app, they can be included in any email marketing campaign.

OpenTable Integration

Gives customers the opportunity to reserve a table at a restaurant at the touch of a button.

Food Ordering

Customers can view menus and order food as well as pay for their meal via their smartphone or tablet.

SoundCloud Integration

An audio file of any type can be listened to on their mobile phone.

Podcast Integration

Customers can listen to the podcast of their choice on this app.

Shopify Integration

All Shopify items can be automatically stored in a mobile shopping cart feature which makes online shopping very easy.

Magento Integration

Any items which are bought at the Magento store can be put onto this easy-to-access app.

Volusion Integration

The items that are bought from the Volusion store can be placed onto a mobile shopping cart feature which means they can be accessed whenever and wherever.

Big Commerce

Every item which is bought from the Big Commerce store can be made visible on this app.

Shopping Cart Feature

Making the whole process of shopping on your website very easy. Customers can also pay with Check Out and PayPal too.

Notepad Feature

Any messages and notes can be made on this app and emailed to whoever you want.

Voice Recorder Feature

Record your ideas using this app and then email them to any address of your choice.

Mobile Ads Feature

The ads which appear in your app can be integrated so that they have the greatest impact on those who download it.

Flickr Integration

All of the images for your business can be downloaded from its Flickr account so that they can be viewed in one galley.

Picasa Integration

The images which profile your business are taken from a Picasa account and put onto a solitary gallery.

Wufoo Integration

Appointments can be created and feedback can be provided by using the form which is on the Wufoo app.

YouTube Integration

The videos which are on a business’s YouTube channel are displayed at once which makes navigating them as straightforward as possible.

Available in HTML5

An HTML app can be created which enables customers to be redirected to your website in a matter of seconds.