Online Shops

If you run a business and have products or services which can be sold over the internet, you should consider having an online shop.

Think of it as person who can sell your products online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – including holidays. An online shop not only serves to sell your products or services, but also to inform, educate and market to your visitors.

If you own a business and are looking for an affordable online shop or an e-commerce web site, we deliver tailored e-commerce solutions to customers across the UK on a daily basis.

An e-commerce project with Vibe Marketing is created with the core objective of maximising conversion of your visitors into paying customers. Vibe Marketing has years of proven expertise in achieving this, owing to its distinctively effective online-shop design and layout with tempting ‘call to action’ features and driving visitors to click on ‘buy now’ links.

With its in-house technical resources, Vibe Marketing has maintained a reputation of being able to integrate its e-commerce solutions with existing tools within our client’s website such as, payment methods, billing and dispatch/delivery systems and accounting software.

Having an e-commerce portal or an online shop is just the first step, you also need a well laid plan to market your online shop. Vibe Marketing achieves this for you by providing digital marketing and other support services which include – social presence setup and connecting it to your online shop (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and several others), engaging your customer base with an effortlessly managed database, personalised contact forms, viral marketing through videos, blogs, email marketing and detailed diagnostics about visitors to your online shop.

Contact us today and together we will ensure that your brand and your company is ready to sell your products or services to the online world.

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