The Importance of Social Media as part of a Marketing Strategy

Currently, the digital age is an important part of our lives, and if you are one of those who have a business or want to start one in particular, you will need a good marketing strategy so that the sales of your products or services grow exponentially, especially in the times we are living in today.

For sure one of the instruments to increase marketing has been the use of social media, with which the commercial engagement of the client with your brand is created and thus allowing the growth of sales and daily demand of the products you offer. In fact, the vast majority of companies have found social media the perfect and ideal place to develop not only the sale of their products but also that of their advertising campaigns.

Actually, when we talk about commercial engagement, we refer mainly to the power of attraction that the product, the firm or the business has to attract future consumers and according to the way it is developed, you can take marketing actions so that you maintain, get better or change the proposals that you already offer to the public.

But what is the real importance of using social media as a marketing strategy?

Among the most important is the creation and growth of your brand. With this, you must define what type of audience you want to attract, which must be done intelligently and with strategies that adjust to that type of market, in order to satisfy them correctly and not only with the product or services they are going to acquire but to motivate their visual interest through eye-catching and creative posts that engage the client with the brand and thus, be able to establish a certain type of connection with every one of them.

One of the best ways to attract customers is by providing them with products, services or information that not only enrich their intellectual side, but also their emotional side with which you will create empathy and they will look at your brand in a positive way.

Remember that it is worth implementing actions that allows for customer retention, such as promotions, contests or surveys that keep the interest of users alive.

Web traffic. Applying a good marketing strategy such as social media will allow a large number of visitors to constantly access our profiles or websites. Even more so if you use the social media where most of the population spends their free time such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Reputation and Positioning of your brand. When users use search engines, they generate a certain type of brand positioning that will attract customers and excellent reputation to your profiles. It’s like a kind of vicious cycle where one point complements the other. It is important to bear in mind that the more activity and more references your profiles or websites have, the better the position in which you will find yourself in internet search engines. This is why always, when selling your brand, you must be smart and original when carrying out the ideas with which you want to attract a larger audience.

Return on Investment or ROI. First of all, something that always worries the entrepreneur is if all the investment made will be recovered at some point or if the reimbursement of it will be in the short, medium or long term. The truth is that, for the benefit of many, using social media as a type of marketing strategy will allow the investment to be made quite low, in addition to the fact that this type of tool allows us to reach the public much faster than any other, allowing our brand to stand out among many others and that the interest in the purchase is much greater and our investment is recovered after a few months.

What should I do once I have chosen the social media to be used to promote my brand?

The actions that should normally be taken into consideration would be:

Microinlfuencers. A microunfluencer is a person who is dedicated to creating content on their social media and has thousands of followers. They are responsible for directing content to a specific population and content topics can range from travel to health issues or skin care, for example.

This is why if you are starting in marketing through social media, partnering with a microinfluencer can incredibly help your number of followers grow exponentially.

Creating content, events or promotions that is related to the products or services you offer will allow you to quickly earn the trust of the public, because who would not trust the influencers that today abound in social media? They know it all.

Creation of audiovisual content. Creating content through videos or reels is one of the most effective and dynamic strategies used today to attract a larger audience on social media. With them you can transmit certain types of messages that will create a greater impact in a positive and effective way to any type of audience without much effort.

Additionally, you can opt for videos with paid promotions, so the content to be distributed will fulfill a double function, therefore, take into account social media such as TikTok, Youtube or even Instagram which allow you to make this type of audiovisual content and believe me that with them you will get in the eyes of everyone much faster.

Real-time interactions. A perfect example of this and that allows the public to connect with your company is to make live content of your environment, the organization or the people that are part of your company, as well as the achievements or problems that can often arise in present day.

Interaction in real time, worth the redundancy, is also considered to be the interaction that you can have with the client or consumer immediately through the actions that are generated in a virtual community, that is, direct messages, comments or likes.

The truth is that this is of vital importance since correct interaction with customers is equivalent to increasing the reputation of your business, as well as word of mouth recommendations for your products or services.

Tools that can help you improve your marketing strategy on social media.

Thanks to the excessive development of social media, today there are tools that can help you in the analysis, management and measurement of the success that your brand or company can have. Without a doubt they are very useful, since with this you can know exactly if your strategies are working correctly and as a result of this, know if you should take action on the matter and act accordingly to improve them. Remember that always working towards the functionalities of the tools that social media offer us, allows you to improve the notoriety of your brand, as well as a good online reputation.

Among the tools we can mention 3 of them:

Google Analytics: This tool allows us the ideal visibility for the development of decision-making within the brand to attract more users, since it generates analysis of the social media and web pages that we have at the moment, as well as allows us to visualize how profitable the campaigns used are through analysis of the behavior of online followers.

Metricool: Another option that will give you good results is Metricool to opt for better results. With this tool you can plan content, monitor social media and measure the results of all of them.

Hootsuite: With Hootsuite you can monitor social media, schedule content publications and measure the success of the strategies used. In addition, it also allows you to centrally manage your social media campaigns and compare the engagement of each platform according to each social media.

Consequently, we can say that social media plays a very important role in the marketing strategy of any business, so much so that thanks to this, a new career or job emerged, such as the Community Manager.

A Community Manager is none other than a person who you leave in charge of your social media, who with studies in graphic design and writing will use the best tools to make your profiles very attractive. But this branch has been under development and the Community Manager not only manages the profiles, but they are also in charge of managing the final sales of the products and services you offer.

For this reason, if you don’t think you are skilled enough to manage your own social media, you can always count on the option of hiring a Community Manager.

In conclusion, social media began as an entertainment tool to later become the necessary tools to improve your brand, as well as gain followers and becoming the ideal instrument for direct sales today.

So, as an entrepreneur, give social media the opportunity and the necessary attention to use in the growth of your business, since with correct use, social media as a marketing strategy will always let you stay at the top of the market.

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